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I have been using windows to do programming since ages and setup a new environment for a new languages was never a problem for me. Unfortunately, this is a different case when I was started to setup and learn Ruby on Rails. I came across so much difficulties and I had to troubleshoot so many things before I could get Ruby on Rails to actually run on my Windows machine. And only after a few months later, I found that there is actually a really simple way on how to setup Ruby on Rails on the Windows platform and this is the way that I would like to introduce you in this article, which is by using Bitnami Ruby Stacks.


Bitnami Ruby Stack provides a complete, ready-to-run development environment for Ruby on Rails. To download it, simply go here. On the right side of the page under Local Install, you will see a few version of this Bitnami Ruby Stacks, so just download the latest one, it doesn’t really matter:

Bitnami local install



After you have downloaded the installer, just double click it and follow the instructions on the screen.

bitmami setup






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by ryzalyusoff